The DTVP–A is the latest test based on the work of Marianne Frostig. It DTVP–A Complete Kit includes: Examiner’s Manual, Picture Book, 25 Profile/Examiner 2. (DTVP-2) is the. revision of Frostig’s version of The Developmental the DTVP-2, despite the fact that the manual makes it clear that the: “ test. Developmental Test of Visual Perception (DTVP-2) On subtests 2, 4, 6, and 8 continue testing until the ceiling point is Testing Manual.

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Developmental Test of Visual Perception, Second Edition (DTVP-2)

Individuals are shown a simple figure and asked to draw it on a piece of paper. Description A comprehensive measure of visual perception that reliably differentiates visual-perceptual problems from visual-motor integration deficit! Shopping Cart 0 Advanced Search. It is a highly reliable measure offering extended norms to age The figure serves as a model for the drawing.

Low scores do not necessarily indicate poor visual perception; they may mean that the individuals have awkward hand movements or that they have difficulty coordinating hand-to-eye movements.

Evidence is provided to show that the test is unbiased with respect to gender and race. The individual connects the circles with a line, in numerical sequence, as quickly as possible.


PearsonJudith K. The DTVP-A is particularly useful in distinguishing true visual-perceptual deficits from problems solely with complex eye-hand or perceptual-motor actions.

Validity evidence shows that all DTVP-A subtests and indexes are useful for measuring visual-perceptual and visual-motor integration skills. The individual is shown a page covered in numbered circles, randomly arranged on the page.

Children are shown a simple figure and asked to draw it on a piece of paper. Examination of these indexes may help explain the causes for low GVPIs. Assessment of visual perception and visual-motor integration Qualification Level: Individuals are shown a stimulus figure and asked to find it in a series of figures.

Developmental Test of Visual Perception, Third Edition

Subtests were etvp-2 to a particular composite on the basis of the amount of motor ability required by their formats. The GVPI is the best measure of what the majority of people mean when they say “visual perception. Unlike other tests of visual perception and visual-motor integration, the DTVP-3 provides scores that are reliable at the. Browse Categories Cognition Development. For security purposes, your IP address will be included in the E-mail. The subtests and indexes also will suggest areas of emphasis in cognitive and fine motor rehabilitation.

Individuals are shown a stimulus figure and asked to select the exact figure from a series of figures that have been incompletely drawn. Subsequent figures are increasingly complex. Children are shown a stimulus figure and asked to select the exact figure from a series of figures that have been incompletely drawn.

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Use our new online qualifications system to attach your professional credentials to your customer profile so you can unlock our assessment products for purchase in our webstore. Children are required to draw precise straight or curved lines in accordance with visual boundaries. Dtvp2- DTVP-A may also assist in differential diagnosis of various of the dementias in elderly patients, providing a baseline for normal aging changes in perception and perceptual-motor skills against which the referred patient may be referenced.

The normative sample consists of 1, adolescents and adults residing in 19 states; demographic characteristics approximate the current census data. Click on My Account grostig the top right corner after signing in to access your profile page and add your credentials today.

Internal froostig, stability, and interscorer reliability for all indexes are high. United States Australia https: Cart 0 items Cart. Motor-Reduced Visual Perception Index: KIT Weight 6 lbs. It can be administered by psychologists, neuropsychologists, occupational manyal, physical therapists, regular and special educators, and diagnosticians who are interested in examining the visual-perceptual status and visual-motor integration skills of adolescents and adults.

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