DISCONTINUED – Locknetics delayed egress electromagnetic lock with lbs of force designed to meet NFPA Life Safety Code Locknetics +. Delayed Egress???Rocking??? Electromagnetic Locks The Intelligent Solution The + features a patented???rocking magnet??? which triggers a 15 or self-contained unit, designed to meet NFPA Life Safety Code and BOCA, while providing ongoing access controlled security. Locknetics delayed egress.

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Field Selectable dual voltage Models available: You have the option of using either a keypad or a TEK reader for access without any additional control equipment.

GF – Single door gravity force magnetic lock GFTRD – Single door gravity force magnetic lock with locknegics rail mounting assembly for doors with zero clearance condition between the locknetifs of the door and the ceiling.

The TEK key is a smart data chip contained in a stainless steel disc. With an integrated design and manufacturing philosophy, Locknetics is positioned to be your premier security products supplier. An optional audible alarm is available, ,ocknetics provides a security alarm to alert when there is a prolonged unlocked condition caused by a continued capacitance signal or a continued break in the light beam.

With several keypad options as well as the TEK reader option, the CM locks can give you excellent control over access, lockneticss relate that access control to other access systems by Locknetics. It can be expanded to accept codes and optional computer ports for programming and interrogation.

With dual voltage coils, a holding force based on the voltage used and several mounting options, your selection of the Series is the right choice for medium security traffic.

You can program Pentagon Series systems at the door, or using a palmtop or laptop computer, you can set up the programming in advance and upload it to the lock. Locknetics CM Series computer managed locking systems are heavy duty mechanical locks combined with sophisticated electronic access components. Locknetics products and systems establish the technological edge in electronic, electro-magnetic and electro-mechanical locking devices and door control.


Changeable option boards offer a variety of integral functions which allow you to create a “system” on the fly. Detail sheets on the Series locks are available from our customer service department. Locknetics manufactures a wide variety of access locknteics exit controls to meet your security needs. Magnetic locks provide solid locking security with minimum action, since there generally are no moving parts. Either the capacitance or the light beam detection will activate the unit. Both series are available in a variety of standard architectural finishes and with several cylinder options.

The patented design incorporates locking tabs on the magnet assembly with mating grooves in the mating armature plate. It allows one motion egress at doors equipped with electric or electronic locks with “no prior knowledge” required by the user. Safe In A Safe. The controller and monitor panel assembly provides the 15 or 30 second delay, audible alarm and LED indicator. If you’re already an ADI customer but do not currently have Website Access, locknetice take a moment to register.

The heavy duty family of buttons and keyswitches is designed for those tough applications, while the Entry Level family is a lodknetics all purpose series for light commercial applications. The SmartBar provides redundant detection systems to sense an exit request.

The GFTRD model is available for when armature adjustment is necessary from the door edge due to flush ceiling conditions.


locknftics Locknetics has been designing, engineering and manufacturing security products and systems for over a quarter century. Two TouchEntry data keys are shipped with each system. Most models are also available in several architectural finishes. For Cutting Edge security solutions, Locknetics has the answer!

FBI Security – Welcome

A two gang monitor panel is also provided. You can secure your future with Locknetics. This new generation of delayed egress technology provides an easy to install, cost-effective solution to life safety and security applications. By using a dual element pyroelectric sensor, it detects an egress attempt and unlocks.

Schlage Magforce Delayed Egress Model Cc Plus 1l39 SR Locknet | eBay

These pound holding force magnets allow you to install a secure and versatile magnetic lock system with an abundance of features which are built into the magnets. Its new integrated design replaces the former CM series. Magnetic Locks – Solid Silent Security! The armature interlocks with the magnetic lock to offer maximum resistance to forced entry.


Pushing the Touchbar at any point on the bar activates an internal switch which controls power to the locking device. Sign In or Call for Details. Forgot your user name or password?

Schlage Magforce Delayed Egress Model 101 Cc-101 Plus 1l39 SR 1-774695 Locknet

Complete a Customer Application today. All product information is subject to change without notice. It’s ideal for retrofit, operating independent of any existing locking device or door lock. With its unique floating action, the armature and magnet are attracted locknetkcs one another on application of power. Branch Locations Events Support Careers 1.

Locknetics Series Magnetic Locks The “MiniLine” family of electronic locks offers a wide variety of surface mounted and concealed locks for locknetice control applications.

Existing Customer New to the Website? The mortise shear lock offers the advantage of a totally concealed locking mechanism, providing superior security and appearance. The MDE provides basic security and delayed egress functionality, while the MDEP provides intelligent sensing and reporting features needed to integrate with access control systems.

This lock is recommended wherever high security is paramount! The CM Series shown at the left is a heavy duty cylindrical lockset which will replace a lock in a standard prep. The MDE can also be configured to initiate a 15 second delay and audible alarm before unlocking.

The MDE delayed egress can be configured to trigger by an internal “plunger switch, ” or by external contacts, such as an electrified exit bar or request lockneticw exit device.

Locknetics modular power supplies make it easy and cost-effective to power your electric locking system. Once engaged, the shear lock provides pounds of holding force without the high operating temperatures normally associated with other shear locks.