Explorien Starship Item №: Pieces: Minifigures: Explorien Explorien Nova Hunter Ann Theme: Space Exploriens Explorien Starship is an Exploriens set released in LEGO → System → Space → Exploriens. Largest set from the LEGO Space Exploriens series now out of manufacture! Includes FOUR Exploriens minifigures, including a rare droid figure! Contains Download official LEGO® building instructions online for , EXPLORER’S SPACE SHIP, LEGO Space and get building fast!.

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Of course, once you do that, then you have to add plates under tha black webbed 6 x 6 dishes, and lower the white cones that are under the ship so that it can still lie flat on the floor or table.

The Antenna Array I mentioned earlier in the review how the roof of the work area opened. The use of the Spyrius droid head, trans-green pieces, and the printed pieces make this ship a must buy, but i don’t 692 if the cannon sticking out in the end makes this appeasing to buy though.

I like the set design but don’t really care fore the minifigures that much so I gave it an above average only. There’s a topic floating around somewhere I can never find it when I need it that talks about using peroxide to bleach the yellowness out of the parts.


Already have an account? And the hologramed tile looks fantastic. Random Page This page shows part of the construction of the neck that connects the crew compartment to the wing section.

Explorien There are a few things that could have been avoided in this set. So instead I will show the finished product laying flat on a table, and then show a series of pictures with the model on some effective though hastily built stands, so you can a good feel for how the wings and cockpit work. The crew of 4 hopped aboard and blasted towards Nebula unaware of what might wait ahead at the cave.


London Thu Dec 27, I have always had trouble removing that tile. The back part is by far the coolest section of the whole ship. Those stands had to be 12 bricks tall in order to allow the wings to hang down without touching a surface. This was a big set back in Here it is, in action.

Review: – Explorien Starship – LEGO Sci-Fi – Eurobricks Forums

I want you to pay special attention to those two hinges at the top rear of the cockpit. Great review Walter Kovacs! As long as you need black and white. Posted May 2, As simple as it seems, the method works well.


The form of the ship looks really sleek and cool until you put this leho on.

Lego Space Exploriens Cruiser Bauanleitung gelocht innen gut erhalten. The front view shows the arms in the down position.

Lego Space Exploriens Starship (6982)

This photo is taken just after the first of the robotic arms is attached. Montreal Sun Jan 06, The windscreen on the back end opens, but is intended to be decorative. Three-Quarter View And here we have the completed Mini-rover.

Posted May 4, The compartment behind it holds one of the instruments for the explorers. Paris Thu Jan 10, This ship in particular has angles sticking out of it everywhere. Lego Space Exploriens Starship Here is a close-up of the wing locking mechanism.

First of all the work room and observation pits are not enclosed totally, there are a lot of openings which really bugs me because I think they could have designed it a bit differently to fix this.

London Wed Jan 16,