PDF | Lacandonia schismatica (Triuridaceae) is the only known angiosperm species with flowers composed of central stamens surrounded by. Lacandonia schismatica flower. Note semi-transparent tepals and three central stamens (dark yellow) surrounded by numerous carpels (photo by Esteban. Ovule and seed development is described for Lacandonia schismatica, a species whose androecium is surrounded by the gynoecium. The ovule in each carpel.

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Lacandonia schismatica is a species of mycoheterotrophic plant in the Triuridaceae. It grows in shady sites within this rainforest.

Lacandonia schismatica – Wikipedia

They also explain that the species is difficult to cultivate and therefore they encourage other scientists to study this unique organism’s biology before it can no longer be found in the wild. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Lacandonia schismatica Flower of Lacandonia schismatica Scientific classification Kingdom: International Journal of Plant Sciences. Pollen development and fertilization in Lacandonia schismatica Lacandoniaceae. Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden80 4: The chromosome number of Lacandonia schismatica Lacandoniaceae.

Systematic Botany15 4: Meyerowitz, and Elena R. Inside-out flowers characteristic of Lacandonia schismatica evolved at least before its divergence from a closely related taxon, Triuris brevistylis.

International Journal of Schismatia Sciences3: Retrieved from ” https: Flora of Chiapas Parasitic plants Plants described in Triuridaceae. Articles with ‘species’ microformats. Views Read Edit View history.

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