How was your day at school today?” This is a question that many of us ask our children each day. Jonathan. Kozol author of The Shame of The Nation main-. Jonathan Kozol’s The Shame of the Nation takes the reader on a tour through schools largely in the New York and Boston areas ravaged by the effects of. In their place, Kozol offers a humane, dramatic challenge to our nation to fulfill of the most revered leaders in the black community, The Shame of the Nation pays \Jonathan Kozol is the National Book Award–winning author of Death at an.

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Many students do not even attempt to eat lunch because the cafeteria is so over-crowded and the lines are so long. Also I have read another one of his books and get the sense that he recycles many anecdotes between books so ended up feeling like misty of the information was repetitive. For than reason alone, I urge those with a thirst to make a difference to pick up this book and read it.

This strategy is shown to be occasionally successful in the extreme short term, but ultimately unsuccessful in the long run. It’s not talked about enough. When tests are being given at a young age, an excessive amount of pressure can be put on students. Throughout the book Kozol has shown himself to be a strong advocate o In this book Jonathan Kozol shares an articulate story about the flawed education system that shamefully exists today.

Since the early s, when the federal courts began dismantling the landmark ruling in Brown v. Kozol himself has a highly recognizable name when it comes to activism regarding educational equality. The curriculum additions are often influenced by local corporations kizol business leaders.

The Shame Of The Nation. Kozol does an excellent job of engaging the reader and forces them to provoke emotion; primarily anger in my case. View all 3 comments.

Jonathan Kozol

As such, The Shame of the Nation was not only a credible and reliable book offering information on apartheid education and made me want to see change in these schools, but it also forced me to realize that the education I receive should not be taken for granted and can shane considered as a luxury compared to the education that the kids in inner-city schools receive.


I was impressed with the factual nature of the presentation.

In chapter 2, Kozol describes the whame students of color experience in segregated schools. However, such schools were scarce and the requirements the students needed to meet to attend these schools were challenging and children who lived in the middle class communities had priority over any poor child attempting to attend their school.

He has been working with children, specifically in inner-city schools, for more than 40 years.

The Shame of the Nation: The Restoration of Apartheid Schooling in America

Yes, for me, not reading a non-fiction book like this before, it was very informative and helpful to me, as a student, in learning about what is happening in the world around us.

He began his journey as an educator in inner city schools. His detailing of these inner-city schools helps to accentuate the education that many students take for granted. The book was very informing because it brings jonathab reader into real life scenarios based on facts that show how corrupt the education nxtion really is.

The Shame of the Nation by Jonathan Kozol | : Books

They keep saying “we know what works” but what they try After reading it, it changed my overall outlook on the education system. In New Jersey, full-day pre-K programs have been instituted for all three- and four-year-olds in 31 low-income districts, one of the consequences of a legal action to reduce inequities of education in that state.

Upon graduating from Harvard, he received ghe Rhodes scholarship. The subjects that are not included in these high-stakes tests, such as geography, history, and science are no longer being taught, consequently kozoo the quality of education for students in low performing schools. The influence of managerial thinking continues into urban high schools, where students are strongly encouraged to select a ‘career joanthan during their freshman year, so they may tailor their course work.

Kozol attended Harvard College studying English Literature. The dollars on both sides of the equation have increased since then, but the discrepancies between them have not greatly changed.


Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. After he was fired from the district for teaching a Langston Hughes Poem, Kozol became involved in the Newton School District, and became more dedicated to writing, and social justice work, eventually going on to author a number of pieces such as Death at an Early Age, Amazing Grace, And, of course, The Shame of the Nation.

Although written inI can’t say that I have hope that all of the problems he shines light on has suddenly disappeared.

In the second half of the chapter several examples of successful desegregation ex. When Kozol returned he began to tutor children in Massachusetts and then becoming a permanent teacher in the Boston Public Schools.

The book was very informative in the sense of broadening my knowledge of what actually takes place in some school systems across the country. This isn’t a book of hope. I hope that you too will learn. Kozol is a native of Boston, MA and is coming on 83 years of age. After delving head first to the source, Kozol was able to get a realistic look at the true conditions of these schools that happened to be the only ones accessible to minorities.

Second, a protomilitary form of discipline has now emerged, modeled on stick-and-carrot methods of behavioral control traditionally used in prisons but targeted exclusively at black and Hispanic children. Kozol has written numerous books that detail his experiences as a teacher as well as describe the conditions of underfunded schools in America.

Although written inI can’t say that I have hope that all of the problems he shines light on has suddenly disappeared. After I knew the basis of what Kozol was trying to prove and show to the reader, I just wanted to stop reading it.

Where were these parents educated after all? The segregated schools are further more segregated when people of a higher class receiving a better education would never switch schools to a known lower class education.