Magic Unchained [Jessica Andersen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Cara Liu is determined to unite the forces under her leadership but when Nightkeeper Sven enters the scene, Cara has trouble separating her duty to her people. Jessica Andersen is an American writer of mystery and medicine since She has a PhD in Storm Kissed, June 7. Magic Unchained, April 8.

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Fave chaptersexcellent tension throughout. There is also a big setup for the next book, which will be about Rabbit, and I cannot wait to dive into it!

I loved seeing the softer side of Sven and Cara’s kick butt taking charge role as Winikin leader.

Dec 29, Filipa rated it really liked it Shelves: SvenCara Liu. Mass Market Iessicapages. But when they have to work some magic, things go totally wrong, and no one understands what is happening.

It is a very intense inner battle.

Magic Unchained (The Nightkeepers, #7) by Jessica Andersen

Especially since she has a long history w Cara is now the leader of the Winikin, and that is not an easy job. Cara goes along with a plan made by Dez, Sven, and a few other Night Keepers after something happens to her – and it goes all wrong. So much action, wheter it was with the Winkins, the demons, the adventure to steal the unchainwd necessary for them to win the war, and the equinox battle.

I expected them to overco Warning: I made a prediction in my first review of this series that I will not repeat Uncbained hurry up November! And Doc Jess was gracious enough to get the book out with plenty of time to read before Dec The only thing consistent about him is the fact that once he acts, it will probably be the wrong act.


Jessica Andersen – Wikipedia

The world building and research into Mayan lore in this penu Magic Unchained 3. After this book though i am starting to think that Doc Jess and I could become good long-term reading buddies if she can maintain this balance between lore and story. And now she is trying to do her best, and promises herself freedom if they survive the coming months. Yes finally Jessica Anderson is back on track!!

Yule Tidings — Great Reads for December!

Jessica Andersen

When they no longer ca I love Cara Liu as a woman. As Andersen usually does, she makes it work, and unchxined does she. How will they solve this?

I feel like I was left with more questions than answers. I always had a soft spot for Cara and Sven’s doomed-from-the-beginning romance, but it was definitely lackluster in this one. Almost done and loving it. But with this book, she exceeded all my expectations! I really liked Sven. That being said, this is another great addition to the series. But i imagine in the final battle we will see a lot more of all the Nightkeepers, the Winikin and the gods as well.

Up until now I was reading just to say I had finished the series. At first, I was not into her character especially how she high tailed it and left her calling. Fleeing unwanted feelings for Cara many years ago, Sven has never dealt with the loss he suffered by being forced to choose being free or being in love. But her rule is far from secure as the traditionalists and younger warriors vie for control.


Total and complete lack of support and yet he all but dotes on Sven I can also see why there were so many issues between Cara and Sven. Cara is saved in the nick of time by Sven, and together they share an important vision and some sex magic to get free again.

But if you ask her who she is, Jessica will say Jessica S. Still enjoying this series. She had a big crush on him as a teenager, but the one thing that Sven has always been good at, was running away. Jan 12, Michelle rated it really liked it. Throughout the book the Nightkeepers goal is to resurrect the First Father.

He knows that he hasn’t been good aboout staying in one place and being reliable – especially for Cara – and that has him convinced that he isn’t worthy of Cara because he doesn’t have the “staying power” she deserves. The rest is all background research. Sven and Cara’s book focused on the Winikin plight and how to get them to band together to help fight.

It has to be a one time thing, or Cara will lose the trust of the other winikin. Yeah I hate when parents refuse to see the value in their children.