Download HAMEG HM OSCILLOSCOPE UM service manual & repair info for electronics experts. Find great deals for HAMEG HM Oszilloskop 20mhz digital Storage. Shop with confidence on eBay!. I have been experiencing a problem with my Hameg HM oscilloscope. It was working correctly then the trace suddenly went back to the left.

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The 1 MQ input resistance can equally serve as R here, so that only a suitable capacitor H, needs to be connected in series. It is certainly self-evident that the input cou- pling for the signal input or inputs must be set to DC for low frequency signals.

Oszillograph HM208

Select either 1 kHz or 1 MHz output fre- quency. Setting triggering with the aid of a simulated signal is recommended under certain circumstances. The above arrangement 2. At the left stop, the time coefficient set on the switch in analog mode is at least 2.

HAMEG Hm Oscilloscope 20mhz Digital Storage | eBay

This is the case with bursts, for instance. The correct knob for this must be found by trial and error. Currents between two ungrounded circuit points can also be measured as voltage drop across a known resis- tance. However, as the bandwidths of the vertical amplifiers differ normally between 20 and 25 MHzthe measured values in the upper limit ranges cannot be defined so exactly.

If the unit is at normal operating temperature or has been in operation for at least 20 minutes, changes below 1 mm do not require correction. For higher bameg, the signal source must be of low impedance, i. Prerequisite for this HF compensation is a square wave generator with short rise time typically 4 ns and low- impedance output approx.

HAMEG HM208 Oszilloskop 20mhz digital Storage

Influence on the medium frequencies T4: The display of simple electrical pro- cesses, such as sinusoidal RF and LF signals or mains fre- quency hum voltages is straightforward. If the switch is turned too far to the left, the display is out of focus and hazy.


It refers to the screen deflection with the X-MAG. Especially when transmitting square and pulse signals, a resistor equal to the characteristic impedance of the cable must also be connected across the cable directly at the Y- input of the oscilloscope.

Timebase variable control center pot. In addition, the input coupling switch or switches are set to GD. If this switch is now set to 50, then the same trigger point now lies in the center of the screen. In this way, two different signals can be stored in each channel independent of one another and called up and compared with the two signals stored in memory 1.

A particular pulse group e. Um this way transient distortions such as overshooting, rounding off, ringing, holes or humps in the pulse top in the vicinity of the leading edge are kept to a minimum. Subject to change without notice M9 incorrect correct Attentuator probes other than those mentioned above gen- erally have larger probe diameters and do not fit into the cal- ibrator sockets.

The condition for this is that no modifications have been made in the instrument. If a stored Hk mode image is present, the fine time control knob must also be pulled out or pushed in with the memory switchover.

Thus for fast signals the LED appears to glow continuously, for low repetition rate signals, the LED flashes at the repetition rate of the hamge point of the input signal. The “case history” of the signal before and after the trig- ger point is now visible.

How- ever, they are read out from the two single memories after one another alternately and displayed on the screen. Otherwise a capacitor of adequate capacitance must be connected to the input of the vertical amplifier with DC coupling. A capacitor of corresponding capaci- tance and voltage rating may haneg connected in series with the attenuator probe input for blocking DC voltage e.

DC to at least 40 MHz. Single component and in-circuit tests are both possible. Intentional interruption of the protec- tive earth connection is prohibited. You must make it yourself.


In addition, the POS. Slow running processes below 1 kHz are then also displayed without flicker. The lower limit frequency with AC triggering is around 20 Hz. Under certain conditions, 50 Hz or 60 Hz hum voltages can occur in the measuring circuit due to the interconnection with other mains powered equipment or instruments.

An attenuator probe must always be con- nected in series at more than Vpp. Extremely low-frequency events can be stored, where mh waveform is no longer indicated by a moving dot, but is now displayed In its entirety.

For continuous opera- tion the instrument should be used in the horizontal posi- tion, preferably tilted upwards, resting on the tilt handle. A YT plotter can also be used in principle, but only an XY plotter can be used in conjunction with the X-Y mode of the oscillo- scope. Naturally this method can be used with the channels exchanged accordingly. When the instrument is assembled later, pay attention that the casing is seated behind the edge of the ahmeg molding lip on all slides.

HAMEG HM Oszilloskop 20mhz digital Storage | eBay

The display then flic- kers too much hamef it appears to jump. A YT type plotter can be used, utilising its own X feed, although this is obviously not possible for XY plots from the oscilloscope.

Pre-triggering The course of the signal can be followed in particular before and possibly also after the set trigger point with pre-trig- gering. Pure direct voltages can only be measured with DC-coupling. However, it is generally expedient to set the white line on the cap of the Y-POS. The pulse duty factor also deviates from hhameg value 1: