The great Doctor of the Church, St. Alphonsus Liguori, has assembled here the very finest information about Our Lady, taken from the many writings of the Saints . Glories of Mary [Saint Alphonsus Liguori] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Glories of Mary by Catholic Book Publishing is an edition of . The Glories of Mary is a classic book in the field of Roman Catholic Mariology, written during the 18th century by Saint Alphonsus Liguori, a Doctor of the Church.

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The Glories of Mary – Wikipedia

This Son, so cruelly executed, was our loving Redeemer Jesus; and this Mother was the Blessed Virgin Mary; Who, for the love she bore us, was willing to see Him sacrificed to Divine Justice by the barbarity of men.

The Evangelist says, that as Jesus Christ advanced in years, so also did “He advance in wisdom and in grace with God and men. Even on the cross He was taunted and blasphemed on all sides: Saint Bonaventure, contemplating Mary on that night, says: The holy disciples, fearful that the poor Mother might die of grief, approached her to take the body of her Son from her arms, to bear it away for burial.

Thou wast my father” continues Bernardine de Bustis, in Mary’s name”Thou wast my brother, my spouse, my delight, my glory; Thou wast my all.

Her grief was immeasurably increased when she became the Mother of this Saviour; so that at the sad sight of the many torments which were to be endured by her poor Son, she indeed suffered a long martyrdom, a martyrdom which lasted her whole life. Bernard, she addressed her Son in the words of the spouse in the Canticles: Mary goes with Saint John, and by the blood with which the way is sprinkled, she perceives that her Son has already passed.

Sinners, she exclaimed, it is you who have thus cruelly treated my Son. And why not in Jesus, who, although He has ascended to heaven, is still pleased to remain on earth, not dead indeed, but alphonxus in the most holy sacrament of the altar, precisely that our hearts may be with Him, and that He may possess them? Why fearest thou so much? O ravisher of hearts, when wilt thou restore me mine? Example In the revelations of Saint Bridget we alphosus that there was a rich man, as noble by birth as he was vile and sinful in his habits.

Behold the last sword of Mary’s sorrow, which we have now to consider; for after witnessing the death of her Son on the cross, and embracing for a last time His lifeless body, this blessed Mother had to leave Him in the sepulchre, never more to enjoy His beloved presence on earth.


Behold, the appointed day at length alphonsu, and Jesus, in tears, went to take leave of His Mother, before going to death. Ah, much more than this, thou wast on the cross itself, crucified with thy Son.

Now, O Lady, we must close the sepulchre: This was signified with great exactitude to Saint Bridget in a vision which she had in Rome, in the church of Saint Mary Major, where the Blessed Virgin with Saint Simeon, and an angel bearing a very long sword, reddened with blood, appeared to her, denoting thereby the long, and bitter grief which transpierced the heart of Mary during her whole life.

August Learn how and when to remove this template message. When the crime had been committed, the devil demanded the performance of the promise; and for this purpose led him to the brink of a well, at the alpbonsus time threatening, that if he did not throw himself in, he would drag him, body and soul, to hell.

What greater tribulation than that a new-born child, hanging from its mother’s breast, and she too in poverty, should with Him be forced to fly? The Mother would have embraced Him, as Saint Anselm says, but the guards thrust her aside with insults, and urged forward the suffering Lord; and Mary followed Him. Mary was still weeping over the akphonsus of her Son, when she saw these armed men advancing towards her Jesus.

Thus was our Blessed Lady, through the compassion of her loving heart for her Son, scourged, crowned with thorns, insulted, and nailed to liugori cross. Where can they have slept on such a road especially on the two hundred miles of desert, where there were neither houses nor inns, as authors relateunless on the sand or under a tree in a wood, exposed to the air and the alpohnsus of robbers and wild beasts, with which Egypt abounded. Any one can understand that alphonsks sufferings of children are also those of their mothers who witness them.

They resided in Egypt, according to Brocard and Jansenius, in a district called Maturea; though Saint Anselm says that they lived in the city of Heliopolis, or at Memphis, now called old Cairo.

The Glories of Mary

But since thou hast been pleased to suffer so much for me, ah, by thy merits, obtain me great sorrow for my sins, and patience under the trials of this life, which will always be light in comparison with my demerits; for I have often deserved hell. Let us, then, pity her, and let us also accompany her Son and herself, by bearing with patience the cross which our Lord imposes on us.


They must obtain me pardon, perseverance, and heaven, where I hope to rejoice with thee, and to sing the infinite mercies of my God for all eternity. Hence, with reason, was she called by Richard of Saint Lawrence, “the Martyr of martyrs”; and of her can the words of Isaias with all truth be said, “He will crown thee with a crown of tribulation;” that is to say, that that suffering itself, which exceeded the suffering of all the other martyrs united, was the crown by which she was shown to be the Queen of martyrs.


The wretched youth, thinking that it would be impossible to escape from his hands, got on the little parapet kf cast himself in; but terrified at the idea of death, he told the devil that he had not courage to take the leap, but that if he was determined on his death, he must push him in.

The book was written at a time when some Jansenists which were declared heretical by the Pope were criticizing Marian devotions, and was written in part as a defense of Marian devotion.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Tenth and last devotion Various additional examples appertaining to the most Holy Mary.

On hearing this the dying man was touched, and began to weep: Rule and govern it like thine own; preserve it in the Blood of the Lamb, and place it in thy Son’s side.

Is it that thou knowest not where He is?

My afflicted Mother, I will not leave thee alone to weep; no, I will accompany thee with my tears. Whence the same Saint, considering Mary on Mount Calvary, present at the death of her Son, questions her in these words: As Jesus is called the King of sorrows and the King of martyrs, because He suffered during, His life more than all other martyrs; so also is Mary with reason called the Queen of martyrs, having merited this title by suffering the most cruel martyrdom possible after that of her Son.

Part I Chapter I Section 2.