A Revolução dos Bichos [GEORGE ORWELL, ROBERT GOLDSTROM] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Convert documents to beautiful publications and share them worldwide. Title: A- Revolucao-dos-Bichos-George-Orwell, Author: Sílvio damascenosjd, Length. A Revolução dos Bichos has ratings and reviews. Douglas said: The book Animal Farm I hated so much. I have never read a book that bore.

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Granted most people who read it did so in the context of highschool classes with teachers who actually believe this is a proper understanding of the Russian revolution, but come on orwelk now we’re far enough away from the collapse of the Eastern Bloc and the end of the Cold War that, if we’re critical enough, we should begin to realize otwell much this asinine book played a part in the construction of a very ideological, and extremely simplistic, historical discourse.

Its a classic but didn’t like it at all. It obviously had important mes Jackie wrote: Inhe became literary editor of the Tribune, a weekly left-wing magazine. I was very upset and appaled! Alright, allow me to introduce myself. This ties orwdll with Animal Farm’s fable style and the anthropomorphism and interferes with Orwell’s purpose appealing to everyone, including the lower classes, and this reference to human proverbs can go right over many people’s heads.

After the puppies grow Napolean, one of the greedy pigs.

I generally don’t like books where animals are the main characters but really, did Orwell even try to make us feel something for these animals who are supposed to be representing humans?

Although there was cleverness in the idea of using animals krwell represent different elements of the revolution, the idea was only so intriguing and eventually became tireso I felt that Animal Farm was a terribly boring book.

I would have to agree with others that this book is crude and too simplistic.

A Revolução dos Bichos

Refresh and try again. To put this into context – was really orwll done. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I would have preferred to read a book about the actual Russian Revolution. View all 28 comments.



Orwell has really dropped the ball on this one. This book made me want to sleep after every single word.

Old Major’s vision of a peaceful coup, too, because the conflict between two pigs, Napoleon and Snowball. Further in the story, Benjamin is reported to have said “Windmill or no windmill, he said, life would revooucao on as it had always gone on revolucqo that is, badly. I wasted many good hours of my life reading this and having to write essays on it for school. The animals unwitingly believe things will sort themselves out by themselves but they come to a horid conclusion.

I agree it is important, that it sends an essential message but that doesn’t change orwelll fact that I didn’t like it. It also has an unneeded reference to Benjamin, as he does not contribute anything to the story here.

Four legs good, two legs bad. After this everything begins to go downhill.

But maybe everyone should read it. Man is the only creature that consumes without producing. Why would pigs be in charge of a hole farm?!?

As absurd as this may sound to an avid reader, I promise you that this particular piece of literature is far to arid to bother with reading. View all 52 comments. Story telling was more like fact reporting and killed the mood from the word go! Here are the reasons I didn’t like it: He does not give milk, he does doz lay eggs, he is too weak to pull the plough, he cannot biichos fast enough to catch rabbits.

So is this really about animals or is it representing people? And without those two, the social message and the allegory and what the author wanted to imply through their satire can go to hell for all I care. You know me, right?

This phrase also has an absence of contractions, which takes away from the ability to relate to the audience and therefore the effect of the fable form, as said before.

Throughout the story, in typical Orwell style, the working class the common animals are condescended upon and shown to be stupid and not w to control their own destiny. I also think it’s silly to doos something like the Russian Revolution being represented by farm animals. Are you shitting me?


Its one of those books that you read the words, but you don’t take anything in-at all. Why is everyone, on the right and the left, so obsessed with salvaging him?

It’s starting to get really old, like in ten ye Catherine wrote: Animal Farm is an allegorical story that tries to use its fable form to convey the theme of human nature, which evidently contradict each other, and the thematic concern of betrayal, which with his use of style, does not appeal to a wide audience. Default Description in Polish? View all 26 comments.

George Orwell, A Revolução dos Bichos e a Modernidade. | Meleca cósmica

So much needless death and destruction. Orwell does this in several of his other books Down and Out is a good example but it shines through particularly clearly here. The plot was well organized, however the novel was filled with mundane, excessive details that caused the reader to want to fall asleep out of sheer boredom.

But this is only one opinion, and my interpretation may differ from your equally valid view on this novel. I absolutely loved it when all the animals were working together and helping each other live their best possible lives It was awesome when the animals regained the power of the farm and overthrew the humans.

Led by Napoleon and Snowball, two pigs, the animals form a revolt and soon take over the farm for themselves. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I’m absolutely sure his works are touted so much is to maintain the cultural hegemony and silence peoples desire for change. Orwell tries to say that human life can be unalterable and depressing, as seen through Benjamin constantly throughout the novella, but his purpose of these phrases are always clouded by stylistic faults or negative effects of the techniques.