VBScript» Functions. Main Index · Abs · Array · Asc · Atn · CBool · CByte · CCur. VBScript» Objects» ClassVersion: The term, Class, refers to any object that . VBScript» Objects» Folders CollectionVersion: When using an instance of.

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This Quick Reference is now available for purchase in PDF format for easy off-line viewing and printing. Fully indexed for ease of navigation, this is an invaluable resource for all web developers. Click the icon above to purchase this Quick Reference.

This is a valuable 95 page reference source that explains and provides comprehensive, working examples of code for all of the objects, collections, elements, methods, and properties belonging to WSH version 2. Microsoft currently offers three hosts for running scripting language code. However, many developers may not be familiar with the Windows Script Host. Windows Script Host comes free with Windows and To obtain the full drvguru of WSH 2.


VBScript >> Objects >> Class | DevGuru

All you have to do is simply double-click on any file that vbscrkpt the. After the scripts have been thoroughly tested, you can schedule their execution through the Windows Task Scheduler. Indeed, Windows Script Host, in conjunction with the Task Scheduler, is ideal for setting up batch processing.

For example, you can have Windows run WSH and the script automatically, such as each time Windows starts up, or you could set up a batch job that runs daily. It does not run. If you wish to run the VBScript code contained in an.

VBScript >> Objects >> File | DevGuru

Also, remove all references to any of the ASP intrinsic objects. Write can be replaced with WScript. In addition to files with.

The advantages of using XML encoded scripts include the ability to use multiple scripting languages within the same script file, write reusable code and specify references to external type libraries.


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WSH offers devguur suite of eight objects that can be used for network, registry and shell manipulation. These objects offer you greater functionality than that which is available when using either JScript or VBScript alone.

An interesting aspect of WSH is that it contains two platform-specific executables, cscript. The echo output for cscript is to a command window via a Win32 console application.

While the echo output for wscript is to a graphical message box via Windows. Just remember that the c stands for console and the w for Windows.

Windows Script Host is a technology worth adding to your repertoire.