Join Danielle and her co-host Walter Kirn for the Writerly Podcast, a weekly discussion of all things pertaining to the real lives of working writers. Download the. Or at least that’s the alarming state of affairs at the heart of Danielle Trussoni’s best-selling novel, “Angelology.” Called Nephilim, these. Note: There are some very small spoilers for Book One (plus a whited-out section with a bigger, but not the biggest spoiler), and no spoilers for.

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Together their s Reader Review: And there is an angel named Evangeline who played a part in the first story. I am tickled at the fact that this over-explanation crap that you see all the time actually has a name!

These small quibbles that I had should not deter you from enjoying these fast-paced, intellectually-stimulating thrillers. A high-octane tale of abduction and liberation, treasure seeking and divine warfare, Angelopolis plumbs Russia’s imperial past, modern genetics, and the archangel Gabriel’s famous visitations to conceive a fresh tableau of history and myth that will, once again, enthrall readers the world over.

Danielle Trussoni

So the first one was imaginative and entertaining, not without its flaws, but fun to read. I liked that he trusaoni angelic help. The beautiful nun and the angel hunter should be fighting on opposite sides, but a visceral attraction and mutual affection will lead them to gravitate toward one another even in the midst of the conflict.

These are books that I want to read. It is an entertaining mix of action and conspiracy but it doesn’t quite co Like the first book in this series, this one has a lot of action and angelppolis of conspiracy theories plus a dash of romance. You can mouse over it to see what he says:. Retrieved angellopolis ” http: Abby Aldrick Rockefeller, wife of John D.

The Ancestor, a literary gothic novel that explores the darker realms of ancestry and inheritance, will be published by William Morrow in Next turned to be a major disappointment. A Memoirwhich dealt with her efforts to understand her father and his experiences as a tunnel rat in the War in Vietnamwas chosen by The New York Times as one of the Ten Best Books of Jun 20, Anna Richards rated it it was amazing.


The good part is that, since it’s so disconnected and nonsensical, it can hardly be said that she delivers a message. Illustration for The Book of Enoch, one of the most influential non-canonical apocryphal works, filled with visions of heaven and hell, and angels and devils.

Honestly, I didn’t like it enough to re-read it, but I thought I’d give the sequel a chance, especially since it ended in a major cliffhanger. These are ange,opolis to be taken advantage of in character development, but instead, Trussoni simply moves forward. And there isn’t a shadow of different sexualities, either. I was pretty intrigued by it, even if much of the dialogue seemed very expository.

The storyline is convoluted, choppy, new characters are introduced, then dropped like hot potato, they advance the plot somehow, and we never hear of them again; the writing is really clumsy, virtually everyone in the book speaks in exactly same, wooden, “let me give you a lectu I was waiting for this book; Angelology, although not without faults, had an interesting premise, more-or-less coherent storyline and a cliff-hanger; I was curious “what’s next”.

I was interested to see what happened to the main character from the last book, but didn’t get to see much of her–howe So the first one was angelopolos and entertaining, not without its flaws, but fun to read. Angelopilis just not one of them, and I am quite certain neither are any of my friends.

Mar 08, Amy Lignor rated it it was amazing. There are some very small spoilers for Book One plus a whited-out section with a bigger, but not the biggest spoilerand no spoilers for Book Two. It’s got a really jerky organization where you jump all over the place in a VERY condensed timeframe and the mystery is so dense, so covered in history, that it’s very nearly impossible to tie together, even when the characters do so for you.

Compared to most fantasy books like the silly Hush, Hush series that also features the Nephilim there’s a strong stake in reality. You are commenting using your WordPress.


There are no discussion topics on this book yet. We are taken from the heights of beauty, perfection and love to the very depths of humankind and the earth itself. Dnaielle work includes four books: Danirlle enough, if you perform the proper incantations exactly correctly but not otherwise the Top Archangel himself shows up to help. Evangeline is heard from in one SMALL chapter and not heard from for aaagggeess after, Verlaine basically goes to Russia has the chats with all these new characters and we have NO idea what is happening to Evangeline.


I liked it, I remember that.

I imagine the amount of research to write these takes a while. This second book re-tells the story of the tortured Dannielle family, with twists we have never imagined.

Review of “Angelology” and “Angelopolis” by Danielle Trussoni | Rhapsody in Books Weblog

Petersburg, the Bulgarian mountains and the Black Sea, this breathtaking and erudite ‘affresco’ will entice Dan Brown’s and Umberto Eco’s readers, as well as Deborah Harkness’ fans. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Not my type of thing, but your comparison to Dan Brown makes it tempting. What do they really want?

I so hope that this will come out sooner than expected. In Trussoni’s fantasy, the modern day Nephilim are ruthless and ambitious beings, more connected to the material world than creatures from Heaven should be.

This is an author who knows her subject and has delivered yet another tale that will excite and amaze ten-fold. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. If it crosses my path, so be it.

The first book, in my memory at least, was a lushly written, layered novel that blended different periods in time with different narrative styles to create In JuneI read Daniell in virtually one sitting. I guess overall I wanted more, so I’ll be looking out for the 3rd book in the series. The thrill of the hunt for Evangeline is part historical fiction and metaphysical thriller.