Dungeons & Dragons Edition Index – Feats Collected by Chet Erez ([email protected]) and Outlands. Dungeons & Dragons Edition Index – Feats – Chet Erez’s d20 Read more about bonus, feats, ranks, opponent, improved and combat. It’s a shame it’s too late to make class suggestions as this character’s ripe for factotum (Du ). More levels of wizard would really be a boon.

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Heighten Turning FP You can affect more powerful undead with your turning or rebuking attempts. Hellbound Knight CR 23 A devoted disciple of the Nine Hells, you have sworn to strike down creatures that oppose law and threaten tyranny. Adamantine Body RE At the cost of mobility, your warforged body can be crafted with a layer of adamantine that provides formidable protective armor and some damage reduction. Dragon’s Toughness MW 22 You are incredibly tough.

Improved Counterspell PH 95 You understand the nuances of magic to such an extent that you can counter your opponent’s spells with great efficiency. Divine Shield DF 19 You can channel energy to make your shield more effective for either offense or defense. Centaur Trample RW You have trained to use your large body and unique physiology against your foes.

Defensive Archery RW You can avoid attacks of opportunity when making ranged attacks while threatened. City Slicker RD You are very familiar with city life and the inner workings of your hometown. Arcane Preparation TB 38 You can prepare an arcane spell ahead of time, just as a wizard does. Draw from the Land UE 43 You can draw strength and sustenance from the land itself.

Chet Erez’s d20 Index Files

Enlarge Breathe Cryatalkeep 70 Your breath weapon is larger than normal. I assume the intent is the next one, though. Battlefield Inspiration MH 25 You inspire courage in your allies. Dragondoom Dr You have learned how to place blows against a dragon that deal tremendous damage. Ecclesiarch ECS 52 You command a degree of respect in your church’s hierarchy.


Axiomatic Heritage PlH 38 You are descended from creatures native to the planes of law. Improved Fortification ECS 55 You improve your warforged fortification, gaining immunity to sneak attacks and extra damage from critical hits. Hear the Unseen CAd Your sense of hearing is so acute that you can partially pinpoint an opponent’s location by sound, allowing you to strike even if the opponent is concealed or displaced. Sign up using Facebook.

Daunting Presence MH 25 You are skilled at inducing fear in your opponents. Crjstalkeep liked exploring the woods and being on the stage and she improved really fast, becoming an enfant-prodige.

Divine Cleansing DF 19 You can channel energy to improve you and your allies’ ability to resist poison and curses. Improved Spellpool Access PG You can use your spellpool access to call spells of greater than normal power.

Greater Cold Focus Fr 48 Your cold spells are now even more potent than before. Boost Spell Resistance BV 47 By making a deal with an evil power, the character makes himself even more resistant to magic. Dragon Totem ECS 52 As a proud warrior of the barbarian tribes of Argonnessen and Seren, you have crystalieep one of the true dragon types as your totem — a patron, protector, and source of strength. Improved Sunder DD 51 The deity is adept at placing its attacks precisely where it wants them to land.

Devoted Performer CAd You have foregone the pursuit of frivolous musical talents, instead entering religious training in service of honor and justice. Giantbane CW Crsytalkeep are trained in fighting foes larger than you are.


Crystalkdep Skin UA 92 Your skin has a degree of protection from even the sharpest edge. Grim Visage Rac Your eyes have seen a lot, and now they show everyone that you aren’t to be trifled with. Holy Subdual BE 44 You can turn bonus damage into nonlethal damage. The aberrant feat Inhuman Vision LoM grants the creature darkvision 5 ft.

Chameleon Hide SK You can alter the hue of your scales to match the surrounding terrain. Fiendish Summoning Specialist PlH 39 You can select from a larger number of options when summoning evil creatures. Eschew Materials DD 50 The deity can cast spells without material components.

Crystaalkeep Inquisitor CAd Your faithful service to your patron deity involves training and methods that many paladins consider questionable. Demonsworn Knight CR 22 A scornful champion of the demon princes, you detest and oppose devils and other creatures that refuse to heed the call of chaos.

Divine Accuracy LM 26 You can channel positive energy to give your allies’ melee attacks another chance to strike true against incorporeal creatures.


Cool Head OA 61 You are descended from the great diplomat Ide, who was chosen to crystalkesp the voice of Shinjo in all dealings with strangers. Kihu-Sherem Guardian Gh 36 You are one of the Kihu-Sherem, magically altered in the womb to allow you to better protect the sorcerers of your homeland.

She is a plain old generalist wizard, because I needed a familiar and the only variants our DM allows involve renouncing to it.