Buy The End of Human Rights UK ed. by Costas Douzinas (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible. The End of Human Rights by Costas Douzinas. Oxford: Hart Publishing, , pp, hbk £33, pbk £ Costas Douzinas’s impressive latest work is both a. Book Review. If God is Dead, then Thank Goodness for International Law: A Review of “The End of Human Rights” by Costas Douzinas. Place of publication: .

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No degree of progress allows one to ignore the fact that never before, in absolute figures, have so many men, women and children been subjugated, starved cosas exterminated. Most communitarians, on the other hand, define community through the commonality of tradition, history and culture; the various past crystallisations, the inescapable weight of which determines present possibilities. At the same time, while human rights have triumphed on the world stage as the ideology of postmodernity, our age has witnessed more violations of human rights than any previous, less enlightened one.

To paraphrase Nietzsche, if God, the source of natural law, is dead, he has been replaced by international law. The gap between the two is also the distance between the universality of the law eventually of human rights and the generality of state legislation. Douzlnas me he operates with a reduced conceptualisation of the logic of the inter- and transnational field of human rights, probably a consequence of the, at times, idealised way of approaching the subject.

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Let me offer, in seven inevitably condensed epigrammatic theses, an alternative genealogy and philosophy of rights. Unlimited One-Day Delivery and more. The counter-intuitive nature of universalism can lead its proponent to extreme individualism: Ratings and Reviews 0 0 star ratings 0 reviews.

Introduction to Critical Legal Theory. The first half of the book is a genealogy of human rights.

It was a translation of paideiathe Greek word for education, and meant eruditio et institutio in bonas artes[18] The Romans inherited the idea of humanity from Hellenistic philosophy, in particular Stoicism, and used it to distinguish between the homo humanusthe educated Roman, and homo barbarus.


In Kosovo, Serbs massacred in the name of threatened community, while the Allies bombed in the name of threatened humanity. What are the stakes in the debate? Even if we had the answer, when does the existence of a human being and its associated rights begin and when does it end? And yet it is arguable that a metaphysical residue can be detected in the long history of natural law and can still be traced in popular attitudes to human rights.

The End of Human Rights: : Costas Douzinas: Books

What history has taught us is that there is nothing sacred about any definition of humanity and nothing eternal ebd its scope. This website uses cookies to improve user experience. The only limits to the ceaseless expansion or contraction of rights are conventional: The Social in Question. Indeed, their rhetorical nature, declaratory enunciation and regular defiance of state law are aspects of their ability to transcend and redefine their contextual boundaries.

There is a great paradox at the heart of rights culture. Gendered Violence and International Human Rights: Internationally, the New Times after the collapse of communism have huan human rights as the central principle.

A Theory of Speech. Douzinas, above n 3 The Limits of Ethics in International Relations: At douxinas same time, while human rights have triumphed on the world stage as the ideology of postmodernity, our age has witnessed more violations of human rights than any previous, less enlightened one. Similarly, the model of the person populating this world is that of the self-certain individual, knowledgable and reflective — a Kantian autonomous subject, who does not belong to class or gender, has no unconscious or traumatic experiences and who stands towards the world in a position of perfect control.

For phenomenology, again, the ego acquires knowledge through the intentionality of consciousness and its adequation with the phenomenal world. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. But here, as in the later parts of the book, Douzinas effectively masters the classics dozinas philosophy and argues well for his point.

Don’t have a Kindle? In our global world of rights, subjects — following their desire — fight for more and more riggts rights, and political power comes under en pressure to acknowledge and codify them, and their protection has become the mark of civility of a society. History of Western Philosophy.


Added to PP index Total downloads 7of 2, Recent downloads 6 months costaasof 2, How can I increase my downloads? But priests, princes and Prime Ministers are the enemy against whom nature, natural rights and human rights were conceived as a defence.

In a society in which every desire is a potential right, it is forbidden to forbid.

There can be no freestanding, absolute right, because such a right would violate the freedom of everyone except its bearer. But the other who approaches me is singular and unique; she cannot be reduced to being solely an instance of the universal concept of the ego, nor can she be subsumed as a case or example under a general rule or norm.

Let me turn to the world order that emerged at the turn of the 20th century. David Boucher – – Oxford University Press. Let me now turn to the relationship between power and morality or douuzinas sovereignty and human rights.

Thinking Past a Problem. There are a few notable exceptions. In this sense, human rights have a certain independence from the context of their appearance.

A Review of”The End of Human Rights”

Kosovo and Rwanda are good example of this process. Individual rights have been supplemented by group, national or animal rights. But this object does not exist and cannot be possessed. Amazon Business Service for business customers. Instead, Douzinas rails against the righte of human-rights-as-a-principle-of-hope and believes that it is the task of true politics and hence justice to struggle against the termination of any aspect of our humanity.

The End of Human Rights

Are they fully human, entitled to all the rights that belong to humanity, or are they only partially human, since their rights are severely restricted? Every right therefore links a need of a part of the body or personality with what exceeds need, the desire that the claimant be recognised and loved as a whole and complete person. Douzinas is on a mission: