Títulos relacionados. Corin Tellado – El Novio de mi · El Marido de Laura · Tellado Corin. Su Alteza Ha Llegado · · Inesperada. Many believed that the romantic novelist Corín Tellado, who has died Bruguera manufactured novela negra (noir novels, detective stories) for.

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From the s onwards Bruguera was the publisher that cashed in on the Spanish tradition of selling cheap, popular novels from newspaper stalls in the street. In an early novel, Tellado left her heroine blind.

Retrieved from ” https: Inthe couple separated, but never tellad. Realist aspects also led to censorship of her books by the dictatorship. This did not fit well with Franco’s Catholic ideology of love inside marriage with women subordinate. Tellado saw herself as a writer of realist novels about the difficulties of life and love. She claimed that she was able to write a short noevlas in two days.

She studied in a school run by nuns and read a lot. She would later have problems with Editorial Bruguera, because they republished some of her novels under a different title without her permission.

Her mother was a housewife and her tellad was a naval mechanic in the Merchant Navy. Tellado was honest and convinced of the value of her literature, though she exaggerated its feminist elements. This she did until Bruguera’s collapse in released her from the contract’s draconian terms: This cotin uses Spanish naming customs: Her novels continue to be reedited in digital format.

Censorship taught me to imply things. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This page was last edited on 23 Julyat The genre demanded noevlas happy ending.


Her writing gave her the financial independence, when her marriage failed, to separate in and bring up her two children. From the start, she included kisses and had women driving etllado and working. They published the book, called Atrevida Apuesta Daring Betand offered her a contract to deliver a page novel every week. These novels have inspired several telenovelas.

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She is survived by her son and daughter and six grandchildren. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

I told things clearly. When one of her four brothers wrote a novel, she felt it was coron and produced one herself at the age of She was the biggest-selling novelist of the 20th century, selling some m books in Spain and Latin America. She was widely read throughout Latin America and, from the s, she also published fortnightly photo-novels: Each day, she started work at 5am with yellado and a packet of menthol cigarettes.

Corín Tellado

She left three unpublished novels. The Franco dictatorship encouraged these books: Her father died in and the family started to have economic problems; she sold her first novel, Atrevida apuestato the publishing house Editorial Bruguera in for 3, pesetasbut they rejected her second novel.

She died on April 11,in her home as a result of a stroke. The Bruguera editor sent back the typescript, demanding: In she went back to Asturias with her mother, where she started publishing a different short novella every two weeks in Latin American magazine Vanidades.

Hers were not stories of princes falling in love with Cinderella, but of ordinary women living in contemporary Spain.


She expressed boldly feminist views. Bruguera manufactured novela negra noir novels, detective stories for men and novela rosa pink novels, romances aimed at women. Her well-told stories in plain language fall within the framework of traditional romance.

She published more than 5, titles and sold more than million books which have been translated into several languages. Her millions of fans gained great pleasure and the freedom to dream. Yet she was just one person, despite producing some 4, novels in a novelaa writing career.

Views Read Edit View history. Her popularity is due to this realist aspect, though the books did not for this reason stop hellado literature of evasion.

She continued to write for and to be published by Editorial Cies and Editorial Bruguera; she also started to study psychologybut did not finish her studies because Editorial Bruguera contracted her to write one short novel every week.

Tellado grew up in a fishing village in the Asturias region on Spain’s northern coast and her father worked as an engineer in the merchant navy. The local bookseller suggested she tel,ado it to the publishers Bruguera in Barcelona. Her novels were different from other contemporary Western European romantic writers’ works because she usually set them in the present and tellaeo use eroticismdue to the Spanish regime’s strict censorship.

In the late s, with censorship abolished, she tackled tougher subjects, such as abortion and rape.