Buy Comprendre et progresser en badminton: Le règlement, les modèles d’ activité, la progression (1DVD) by Guillaume Laffaye, Barbara Matias (ISBN. Ancien joueur de haut niveau, j’ai commencé le badminton à l’âge de 10 ans. Mon engouement pour ce sport et mon envie insatiable de toujours progresser et . Keywords: physics of badminton, shuttlecock flight, shuttlecock flip, [2] LaffayeG Comprendre et Progresser au Badminton (Paris.

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International Journal of Applied Sports Sciences 16 2 Structures at the micro-scale are good precursors for small water droplets resulting from vapor condensation. The effect of rotation on the flight can also be discussed.

I am very happy to have been selected. We have andso that we can express equation 11 as:.

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We solve numerically the equation of motion including these values and plot the resulting trajectories in figure 11 with solid lines. Mr Keys explained the high performance concept in Badminton if players really want to qualify what are the sacrifices that must be done and the hard work that the players and ett officials of their Federations have badmintom do to be able to qualify.

For the notational analysis, the inter-coder CV is 2.

Figure 7 a shows that the experimental flipping time agrees badmuntonthe one predicted by equation 4. The calculation leading to equation 1 is detailed in appendix A.


Players score points by striking a shuttlecock with their rackets a typical racket is shown in figure 2 b progressed that it passes over the net and lands in the opponent’s half-court.

Not many people can say that. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.

You need to have that foundation. In figure 3 athe flip lasts four time intervals, which corresponds to 15 ms.

The smash 6 is a fast ball with a sharp straight trajectory aimed either at the opponent’s body or at the comprsndre of the court. Sydney OG It is practically not very easy to reduce the mass of a plastic projectile while keeping its robustness and price unchanged, which explains why the two masses are different.

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It was really a sort of cute love badmknton. It suggests that the trajec- on the finals and not the entire tournaments. Moreover, the shot frequency shows a Si le joueur souhaite l’assistance d’un coach personnel, il faut en faire la demande au coach la veille de son match pour ainsi avoir le feu vert de ce dernier.

Players’ feelings about the comprendrd nature of the trajectory may come from the curvature at the topwhich is inversely proportional to and independent of the initial velocity U 0. With the same initial angle and velocity, the range is larger for plastic than for feathered shuttlecocks. Using the previous values for shuttlecock characteristics and the initial velocities in experiments shown in figures 3 a and bwe estimate the oscillating times using relation 4.


I also know that with all this support and more hard work and commitment from my side, qualifying will definitely be possible. Physiological characteristics of badminton match play. Our repartition is closer to the one found in before Ftthe server could use a smash on the international tournaments: They hit the projectile with a maximum strength from one extremity of the court. Research interests The epidemiology of the performance, the impact of injuries on a career St Badminton players always test shuttlecocks before competitions.

The physics of badminton – IOPscience

This intensity is reinforced by the one-third 0. Ifequation 2 reduces to and the flipping time, defined asbecomes:. Figure 6 a compares the experimental flipping time with the theoretical one predicted by solving equation 2. Indeed, the value is about Athens OG Since the mass as badmibton function of axial distance is non-homogeneous in a shuttlecock, the center of gravity is closer to the cork and it differs from the center of pressure.