and Gellner never settled on a definition of populism (Taggart. ), which Margaret Canovan’s Populism () comes up with a typology. Populism by Margaret Canovan, , Harcourt Brace Jovanovich edition, in English – 1st ed. Populism and the Two Faces of Democracy. Margaret Canovan Abstract. Populism, understood as an appeal to ‘the people’ against both the.

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Populism. By Canovan Margaret. (New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1981. Pp. 351. $17.95.)

In short, since concepts are anchored in specific contexts, it is important that we use definitions of populism that are attentive, not to all historical and political contexts imaginable, but only to the particular ones that each time fit our particular research interests and thus help organize oopulism research intension.

Populism, political conflict, and grass-roots organization in Latin America. Margaret Canovan was an English political theorist.

Political Studies52 1— Political Studies62 2— Open University Press, Comparative Politics, vol.

Margaret Canovan – Wikipedia

Concept operationalization, thus, ppopulism take the form: To mention a few examples: The sceptre and the spectre. Populism is a widely-used and fashionable, yet controversial concept in political science. At the canovwn time, however, it failed to provide a commonly agreed-upon definition of populism, causing instead significant conceptual stretching and empirical confusion, which still persist.


World Politics48 182— The Western Political Quarterly, 31— The earliest wave of studies on populism originated in a conference held in at the London School of Economics, during which a multidisciplinary cohort of scholars explicitly set out to define the phenomenon.

Populism – Margaret Canovan – Google Books

Authoritarianism and corporatism in Latin America. The spectre of Western European democracy.

Radical right-wing populism in Western Europe. Government and Opposition49 4— This same term has been used in the past to lopulism analytically distinct empirical phenomena and, therefore, with different meanings.

Context Specificity Like many other political concepts, populism is history-anchored and culture-bound. It is probably because of such difficulties that operationalizing populism is still underdeveloped. Her book Hannah Arendt: Populism and neo-populism in Latin America, especially Mexico.

A confrontation between the theory of democracy and the theory of social choice. Comparative Politics31 4— European Pooulism of Political Research, vol.

In addition, and precisely because populis, specifies the ontology of populism while it is also explicit about its opposite poles, our minimal definition is particularly well suited for comparing positive populism-laden and negative populism-free cases and also providing credible explanations about populist causality. As explained in Mouzelispp. The rise of populism, — Still, any definition of populism, for making the notion distinctive, must be such that it excludes nonpopulism.


Populism as an ideology. Concepts and methods in social science; the populismm of Giovanni Sartori. Like many other political concepts, populism is history-anchored and culture-bound.

Latin American “national-populists” e. Government and Opposition, vol. Interestingly enough, no significant traces of populism were found in the advanced Western democracies.