ETRS. 5X Advanced Broniew technologies for new imaging horizons! UUUUU. RIBES. LETTO m. El triu. BINIA BRONICA. ETRO. SORER. ZENZA BRONICA. the Zenza Bronica ETRS and is between the lens leaf shutter type single lens reflex Although the following instructions are based on the standard ETRSi. Congratulations on your choice of the Zenza Bronica ETRS (or ETRC) this instruction manual carefully, before you even touch the camera. However, if your .

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Interchanging Finders and Magnifiers. To close the focusing hood, first, push down the magnifier if it is flipped up.

Bronica ETR-Si Instruction Manual

The main improvement is the interchangeable viewfinder system. Then wipe it dry with a soft, dry cloth and, if necessary, send it to an authorized repair station for a quick inspection.

Pointers On Shooting Bronicw Then, press the lower end of the film back against the body until it locks securely. Lens diaphragm Fully automatic instant reopening lens diaphragm action; equal-distant aperture scale graduations; depth of bronicx previewing. Don’t have an account? Bronica made chrome ETR and ETRS bodies, along with chrome, and 70mm backs probably until when they switched from metal body panels to polycarbonate.

When the fresh film spool is properly loaded in the top spool holder, draw out the leading end of the film and turn it across the film pressure plate on the front side of the insert. Time t Exposure At the same time, it has bornica full range of other valuable accessories which will permit its use in many other day-to-day assignments, requiring a fast-handling camera with complete exposure automation.

The shutter cannot be cocked without film, but use of multi-exposure mode can cock and test fire the shutter.

The Zenza Bronica ETR has been developed as a complete modular “system” camera, with a very high degree of interchangeability in lenses, finders, focusing screens, film backs, etc. Focusing Adjustments The lens is focused on the subject, by rotating the focusing ring in either direction, while checking Remove the film holder and, while preventing the loose film from unwinding, take out the take-up spool.


Artboard Artboard Artboard Artboard. Don’t use any other kind of chemical.

After the shutter is fired and a frame is exposed rotating the film advance lever one rotation resets the mirror, advances mnual film and cocks the shutter. Camera operations are greatly speeded up because a bright erect image, moving in the same direction as the lens, is observed for composing and focusing.

Zenza Bronica ETRS User Manual

The final version has the locking dark slides and dual release latches with triangular arrow brlnica. First, adjust the neck strap to a suitable length and then fix the shoulder pad on the inside of the neck strap, at the point where it will rub against the shoulder.

To get best results from your camera, may we suggest that you read this instruction manual carefully, before you even touch the camera. The shutter will be mechanically controlled when the battery is not loaded or when it is loaded with its polarity marks reserved.

Simply rotate the focusing ring and set the required distance opposite the green-colored index, which will adjust the lens for the required distance. Thus, an extra film back or two will let a single Er do the work of several, for example: This will help you keep track of the film loaded in the film back and should prove useful when two or more film backs are used, with different types of films.

Attachment of the Neck Strap A. The locking ring on the lens release button will automatically return to “lock” when pressure is manjal from the lens release button.


The film back holder EI has been improved with locking dark slide system similar to the older mmanual Bronicas. The central manuall spot splits the image diagonally, with the upper and lower halves being separated diagonally when the lens is out of focus.

Film Type Indicator Frame. When loading roll film in it’s exclusive film back, do not mistake the dotted line for the starting point, as it is located before the arrow marks.

Bronica ETR-Si Instruction Manual – Page 1 of 31 |

Use a R filter or equivalent with an infrared black-and white film. Wipe the camera carefully with a well-wrung damp cloth, using fresh water, if the exterior is affected by salty air. The neck strap mount has been changed to a design with an eyelet while the previous one was a spring catch style mount used on the Bronica 6×6’s, along with many Hasselblads and Kievs. The left-side shafts of both spool holders can be opened outwards, as illustrated.

The mechanical setting does not consume any battery power. There is an apparent zone of sharpness, both in front and back of the focused subject, which is known as the depth of gronica.

After running it down to the lower end, turn it over to the empty take-up spool. AE-II Finder E, in both automatic and manual exposure operations, as the indicated shutter speed set- ting will not be correct. Time T Exposures The exposures are made with the time exposure lever on the lens, regardless of the setting When film backs manuwl interchanged, the shutter cannot be released if the shutter is not cocked or the film is not advanced or both.

Intermediate settings are also possible.