P/N C DS Programming. DSXi Panel Wiring & . Revision incorporates a “Fire Walk Test” to allow the manual testing of all fire zones in. View and Download Bosch DS operating instructions online. DS Control Units pdf manual download. Bosch DSXi Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Bosch DSXi Reference Manual.

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From here you can edit the necessary general information for this new Account. It is here where you keep track of the various Templates. After changing select [OK]. You can scroll through the Find User database by using the command buttons at the bottom of the window Beginning, Previous, Next, and End of File.

Beginning, Previous, Next, vosch End of File. In the event of trouble, contact:.

In order for the program to accept a Template ID field entry, you must also enter the Equipment Type field. This is the name of the individual at the site of the control panel whom you may reach by voice call. If the battery restores.

Operation Manual – Bosch Security Systems

Boshc History window will appear. Zone Programming Program Addresses Page 15 you will fill in all the bosvh general information for this new Account. This command is used to find a specific Template and have it displayed. WDSRP does not answer the phone. This field lists the last time this Account was modified by an operator. Clicking on this text with your mouse will result in further information specific to that selection.


The keypad display will read “Fire. Choosing the command will allow you to create a new Account using initial data from an existing Account.

Bosch Installer Manuals | Australian Security Installer

You will be prompted to enter your password. Caution When Entering A Building To change the Master Password: A VGA or better monitor.

Reports not implemented Choose the Reports command from the right-hand column command buttons. Manial This command will cancel this attempt to call and hang-up immediately. It will also call up a verification window asking you if you wish the connection to be dropped. By choosing this command the edit commercial fire window will appear. Check either the Master, Slave or Direct Connect boxes. This command is used to find a specific Account and have mqnual displayed.

Do not attempt this in Windows 95 as it may cause a protection fault. New Account is generated maual the panel calls in. A bottom row of command buttons will show those commands available.


Most fields are preset at authority level 5 for viewing and authority level 10 for editing. The Find User window will appear. The Find Template window will appear. The Edit User Information window will appear with the Password lev15 highlighted. The specific selections are as follows: Import A confirmation window will appear asking if you really wish to delete this Template.

Choose [OK] after completing. Keypad Error Displays Don’t have an account?

Operation Manual – Bosch Security Systems |

Locate Choose the Close command from the right-hand column command buttons. It will bring you offline with the control panel. You cannot delete a user of equal or greater authority than your own. If an incoming call from a control panel does not have an existing account, it will create its own account; therefore the requirements in item 1 above will not have to be met. This will allow control panels with answering machine override programmed to answer this call from WDSRP.

Image This field lists the time and date of the last upload or download. From the Program Manager menu, choose [File] [Run].