OUP, England () [27] Schmidt-Schauß, M., Smolka, G.: Attributive concept descriptions with compliments. AI 48(1), 1–26 () [28] Segerberg, K.: A note. Sattler, U.: Description logics for the representation of aggregated objects. Schmidt-Schauß, M., Smolka, G.: Attributive concept descriptions with compliments. A core AL-based description logic is the Attributive (Concept) Language with Complements (ALC), in which, unlike AL, the complement of any concept is allowed.

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DLs are used in artificial intelligence to describe and reason about the relevant concepts of an application cescriptions known as terminological knowledge. Morton,” and learn all about subjects and simple predicates from Scholastic Rock.

As you will see, the terminology describing predicates and complements can overlap and be a bit confusing. From This Paper Figures, tables, and topics from this paper.

Description logic

The mayor doesn’t feel good. Every employee is a person.

That garbage on the street smells bad. The following definitions follow the treatment in Baader et al. Frames and semantic networks lack formal logic-based semantics. Complements Since this page is about the completers of thoughts, it is appropriate to include a brief description of complements. There are many varieties of description logics and there is an informal naming convention, roughly describing the operators allowed.

Students are probably wise to learn one set of terms, not both. Bob is an employee. An object complement follows and modifies or refers to a direct compoiments.


Complement complexity Artificial intelligence.

Model of computation Formal language Automata theory Computational complexity theory Logic Semantics. A predicate is the completer of a sentence. Database management system Information complimenrs systems Enterprise information system Social information systems Geographic information system Decision support system Process control system Multimedia information system Data mining Digital library Computing platform Digital marketing World Wide Web Information retrieval.

A compound predicate consists of two or more such complimnts connected: Semantic analytics Semantic broker Semantic computing Semantic mapper Semantic matching Semantic publishing Semantic reasoner Semantic search Semantic service-oriented architecture Semantic wiki.

The subject names the “do-er” or “be-er” of the sentence; the predicate does the rest of the work. The description logic community uses different terminology than the first-order logic FOL community for operationally equivalent notions; some examples are given below. It is of particular importance in providing a logical formalism for ontologies and the Semantic Web: The direct objects in the sentences below are in boldface ; the indirect objects are in italics. Knowledge representation languages Non-classical logic Information science Artificial intelligence.

Computer architecture Embedded system Real-time computing Dependability.

Attributive Concept Descriptions with Complements – Semantic Scholar

Not having CWA, or rather having the Open world assumption OWA means that lack descriptipns knowledge of a fact does not immediately imply knowledge of the negation of a fact. His behavior has been outrageous. Thus, it is useful to have a way to talk about that specific part of the knowledge base. Brachman Computational Intelligence Frame based description language, [3] allows:.


Attributive Concept Descriptions with Complements

In contrast to the latter, the core reasoning problems for DLs are usually decidableand efficient decision procedures have been designed and implemented for these problems. Many DLs are more expressive than propositional logic but less expressive than first-order logic. From the mid ’90s, reasoners were created with good practical performance on very expressive DL with high descripfions case complexity.

Views Read Edit View history. The participle “excited” complements the object “children. witg

Predicates, Objects, Complements

LevesqueRonald J. The glacier melted, broke apart, and slipped into the sea. Attributiive, the word me and similar object-form pronouns such as him, us, them is not always an indirect object; it will also serve, sometimes, as a direct object. Collective intelligence Description logic Folksonomy Geotagging Information architecture Knowledge extraction Knowledge management Knowledge representation and reasoning Library 2.

Articles with short description. Grandfather left Rosalita and Raoul all his money. Not having UNA means that two concepts with different names may be allowed by some inference to be shown to be equivalent. Complement complexity Search for additional papers on this topic. Interpreter Middleware Virtual machine Operating system Software quality.