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IAS 16 Property, Plant and Equipment requires that where the original estimate of useful life is revised, adjustments should be made in current and future periods not in prior periods.

For example the manufacturing process could be flawed and therefore not produce internationzl goods. The collection of cash for these sales is often considered to be the end of this process, but it should be borne in mind that in some cases further inrernational can exist in relation to product warranties or other after-sale commitments.

Contract costs to date i.

study question bank – Becker Professional Education

Such agreements vary considerably in their nature and some leave the entity with most of the risks associated with the collection of the receivables. These statements are intended to show how well a company has intrnational and give an indication of the value of the business. Describe three methods of arriving at cost of inventory which are acceptable under IAS 2 and explain how they are regarded as acceptable.

Possible types of comparison are with: Presentation recognises that some financial instruments take the legal form of equity, but are liabilities in substances and requires that classification of an instrument is made on the basis of an assessment of its substance when it is first recognised.

However, it seems to ignore the many legal and business roles that financial statements play.

study question bank – Becker Professional Education

Collection of cash For most credit sales the risk of non-payment is relatively low. Does this Forum actualy exist?


Some transactions and balances are accounted for at historic cost whilst others are incorporated at fair value. The Framework is a useful basis for financial reporting but a fundamental change in the current basis of financial reporting will be required for it to have any practical application.

And concentrate on your workings. Viewing 10 posts – 1 through 10 of 10 total. There would be no direction or guidelines governing the content, or rules, that should be followed and parties would devise their own rules. Most users will not be able to fully understand what the financial statements are trying to communicate. This training material has been prepared and published by Becker Professional Development International Limited: To pass this exam u need to practice.

The only way in which such assets can be recognised is if the entity is acquired, but even then they are recognised only in the consolidated statement of financial position of the acquiring company.

If I may ask, which kit are you refering to?. A logical progression of this point would be to say that any industry whose materkal are normally sold on a commodities market could consider the obtaining of the product to be the critical event.

U see DipIFR is a complicated exam, so my advice is, do not try to memorise the book. You can read more about it here: Depreciation is to be based srudy a time apportioned basis.

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This is at least in part due to the historical separation of fiscal and financial accounting. During the process, the Board may decide to issue a Discussion Paper for comment, or to issue more than one Exposure Draft. For most transactions the critical event is synonymous with full performance, but in theory, the critical event could occur at almost any point in the operating cycle.

There are however some industries where, due to a long production period, revenues are recognised during the production or manufacturing period.

Achieving objectives Users of financial statements are interested in three main areas in their use of company financial statements: Accounting or extra disclosure A further argument against the proposal is that it may not be essential to account on the basis of substance over form, but merely to provide additional disclosure.


The fittings supplied free of charge by Sigma could be excluded from the statement of financial position on the grounds that they are not owned by Custom Cars. It involves the depiction of the item in words and at a monetary amount. A lot can happen in that three-month period, so the statements become out of date very quickly. They cannot be used to make predictions about the future. After revision, and with the approval of at least 9 members of the board, the IFRS is published. Revenue recognition would only be delayed to the point of receipt of cash if its collection was perceived to be particularly difficult or risky.

Include in your answer two ways in which you think the quality of the information disclosed in financial statements could be improved.

here we go 🙂

As at 1 January six of the years have elapsed with a further six years remaining. IAS 32 Financial Instruments: Some countries interpret this as meaning in accordance with their own legislation, particularly in Germany, but generally speaking, legislatures and accounting standard setters increasingly ztudy an overriding notion of truth and fairness.

Lack of information about the dates of payments to sundry accounts payable or receipts from sundry accounts receivable could affect the position. Opinion Inventories should be valued at the lower of cost and net realisable value under Internationnal 2 Inventories. However, some transactions will have a commercial effect not fully indicated by their legal form, and where this is the case, it will not be sufficient to account for them merely by recording that form.

What i suggest u is to practice immediatelywith kit. This involves the use of the accruals, matching and prudence concept, with prudence being closely related to the principle of realisation.