Alamo Drafthouse Slaughter Lane – W Slaughter Ln, Austin, Texas – Rated based on Reviews “This was my first time ever at Alamo. reviews of Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Slaughter Lane “Love the bar/movie I just really wish that they would completely update there menu instead of just. Alamo Drafthouse on Slaughter Lane, known as Alamo Slaughter, has 8 You can view the Alamo Slaughter menu, which also includes helpful hints on the.

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The pizzas, like most everything on our menu, are made from scratch.

Then come back on date night and get a cheese plate and a nice bottle of wine. We’ve always tried to keep our guests in the loop on changes we are making, not just with food, but everything that might impact their experience.

Drafthouse menu: Q & A with chefs as they respond to criticism – CultureMap Austin

Look for delicious things to come! You can drive over to Slaighter Cannon one stop up Mopac for more places to eat. It has to be well put together and easy to get to your mouth in the dark. In the Name of My Daughter Review: I am lucky I get to work with them every day.

What is the creative process that goes into creating menu-movie pairings? How often are you hoping to revamp and redo the menu?


Bursting at the seams. I cannot say enough how incredibly talented and hard working our team is. The theater does slaughtfr have 35mm projection equipment.

The table-for-two layout takes some getting used to — you might like the back row, where the tables are on the sides rather than in front. Photo by Jessica Pages. Our Laje of Upcoming Releases.

How do you go about creating movie-appropriate food? Alamo Drafthouse on Slaughter Lane, known as Alamo Slaughter, has 8 screens of varying sizes, and an adjacent tequila bar, Rabbits. First and foremost, any obvious tie-ins must be addressed.

But one area of the Alamo Drafthouse model that has always garnered criticism and critique, however, is the food. This is a relatively new theater with some very comfy seats and spiffy new projection and audio laen. How do you feel about Alamo Drafthouse’s food?


The seats aren’t on risers slaughtfr the waitstaff are at your level when they walk down the rows. Debbie’s Fantastic and Favorite Film Memories. What inspired you to reach out to Alamo customers for feedback on the menu? Parking can be tight, especially on weekends, especially since NxNW opened nearby.

Alamo Drafthouse — Slaughter | Slackerwood

Share your thoughts and commentary on the Alamo Drafthouse blog. In the Name of My Daughter. This change will go out to all Alamo Drafthouse theaters. Try the veggie burger, with a locally made veggie patty. Drafthouss other Alamo Drafthouses: I want to continue to push the boundaries of what can be served in a movie theater while offering plenty of classic menu items as well.


How has the Alamo menu evolved through the years? The roofs are on fire.

Alamo Drafthouse — Slaughter

In addition to the overall menu changes, we will also regularly swap out movie-specific specials and local items that are unique to each market. When this next change is done, we will start on the next one. For example, Fried Green Tomatoes deserves just that. Where does Alamo recruit its chefs from? Pass the Bubbly Review: We have been testing several items at our Slaughter Lane test kitchen over the last couple of months.

Austin’s top chefs recommend best tools for your home kitchen.

The theater is well out of range of any Cap Metro route at this time, we’re sorry to note. I lanw currently working on adding to and refining the salad, appetizer and dessert categories as well. If you’re zipping between venues and events during a film festival, allow a alne of 20 minutes to get here from downtown, not allowing for traffic. In addition, Rabbits has a full bar and a half-dozen snack options many with magical pork.