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Men now view me with a different regard, and many effusive speeches have been made amid felicitous congratulations evoked. Views Read Edit View history. According to the Abul Fazl Humayuan, the second Mughal emperor and Akbar’s father, is praying to the Ka’ba, an islamic holy place, for a successor to the Fazzl empire.

Books by Abu al-Fazal ibn Mubarak. His father started teaching him about all the branches of Islamic sciences manqulat but Fazl could not adhere to conventional learning and he sank in a state of mental depression.

The Akbarnama Of Abul Fazl Vol. 1

Thus Akbarnama is definitely not an impartial, unbiased creation of Abul Fazl. Abul Fazl was perhaps the most gifted historians of India.

But above all these, Akbarnama and Ain continue to be one of the brightest examples in the genre of memoirs in medieval historiography. My father in aubl way conjured with the spell of knowledge and taught me a little of every branch of dazl, and although my intelligence grew, I gained no deep impressions from the school of learning. In the meanwhile the entire work was discovered, and when both were compared, in two or three places only were there found differences of words, though synonymous in meaning; and in abjl or four others, differing citations but approximate in sense.


Anil rated it it was amazing May 27, Shabana Charaniya rated it it was amazing Jun 29, Socio Religious Outlook of Abul Fazl.

The Akbarnama

Abu’l Fazl was buried at Antri. Abu’l-Fazl presenting Akbarnama to Akbar.

Have doubts regarding this product? Want to Read saving…. It is therefore, necessary to study the ancestral background of Abul Fazl. The Ain-i-Akbari was completed in the 42nd regnal year, but a slight addition was made to it in the 43rd regnal year on the account of the conquest of Berar. At the age of fifteen, he was well acquainted with rational and traditional sciences Maqulat and Manqulat.

Historical works were read out to him.

The Mughul EmpireMumbai: Thanks for telling us about the problem. Abul Fazl has given pathetic details of the exile of his family, its trials and tribulations. His source material consisted of accounts written by those who were eye witnesses to them. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Called the greatest emperor of India by some, his story was written down by one of his Nine Jewels: It is in the Ain, that Abul Fazl fully utilizes his potential as a compiler and editor.

Subsequently the entire work was discovered and on comparison to Fazl’s draft the original differed in only two or three places.

Abu’l-Fazl ibn Mubarak – Wikipedia

abkl Sushmasree rated it it was amazing Dec 20, Abu’l Fazl was assassinated while he was returning from the Deccan by Vir Singh Bundela who later became the ruler of Orchha between Sarai Vir and Antri near Narwar in a plot contrived by Akbar’s eldest son Prince Salim who later became the Emperor Jahangir [16] inbecause Abu’l Fazl was known to oppose the accession of Prince Salim to the throne.


Abul Fazl ibn Mubarak ancestors hailed from Yemen. Thus he labored hard for seven years in completing the Akbarnama. In fact Abul Fazl may be regarded as a pioneer in the field of collection faz, utilization of statistical data for the purpose of historical study.

At a little over one year I had the miraculous gift of fluent speech and at five years of age I had acquired an unusual stock of information and could akbarnamma read and write.

The History of Akbar, Volume 1 — Abu’l-Fazl, Wheeler M. Thackston | Harvard University Press

Akbarrnama this day which is the last of the 42nd year of His Majesty’s reign A. And the fourth kind deals with money and generosity, or lack thereof.

Although I had a special gift which came down upon me from the throne of holiness, yet the inspirations of my venerable father and his making me commit to memory the essential elements of every branch of science, together with the unbroken continuity of this chain, were of immense help, and became one of the most important causes of my enlightenment.

It was aobarnama in Persianthe vazl language of the Mughals, and includes vivid and detailed descriptions of his life and times.