A kopasz énekesnő / The Bald Soprano (pantomim / pantomime / mozgásszínház / movement theatre). from Mark Bogdan. LIVE. 0. Like. Ionesco – A kopasz énekesnő. Public. · Hosted by Szuszogó Színház. Interested. clock. Saturday, May 19, at PM UTC+ More than a year ago. pin. Manifesztum Színház: Ionesco – A kopasz énekesnő. Public. · Hosted by Bakelit Multi Art Center. Interested. clock. Tuesday, February 23, at PM – .

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Eugene Ionesco — Veronika Karsai Director: The piece thus promises enthusiastic entertainment; however — as the original play — it covers impossible depths; the ambitious spectator may observe it to their taste. Work off the ingredients; this might be, as well.

Ionesco – A kopasz énekesnő

The best is to prepare ourselves the night before, so we will rest until the next day. Cook it in hot oven hopefully, something bursts into flames until the English clock strikes twenty-nine. While going somewhere, you can experience gaudy things. Today; for instance, I witnessed with my own two eyes a man in the tube-railway: I am going, enekesn along the street when suddenly I glimpse a man.


The gentleman was fine looking, and he had a long…no…rather short moustache, and…well…it is said that my fantasy might hypertrophy, but the man in question sank on one of his knees and bent down.

I stepped closer to see what he was doing… He tied his shoe-laces because they had got enekedno.

Once, a groom brought a bouquet of flowers to her bride who thanked it. But before she could actually thank him, the groom — in order to read her a lesson — without a word, he wrested the flowers out koopasz her hands, declared taking back the bouquet, said goodbye, and, with the flowers, dissolved into thin air.

Eugène Ionesco by Timi Szakály on Prezi

Once, an ox met an elephant. Once, a snake went to a fox and said: The snake had been waiting for him and laughed kopasa.

The fox unsheathed howling his knife: But to his despair, the snake was faster. With a well-aimed blow, he bashed the fox on the head; the fox broke into a thousand of shivers.


And meanwhile, he yelled ceaselessly: The Bald Soprano – video-tralier.