n Light Weight. For footnotes refer to the last page. IRHM REF: MIL-PRF- / TOAA. This datasheet has been downloaded. 2N 2NU. JANSR (K RAD(Si)). JANSF (K RAD(Si)). ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS (TC = +25°C unless otherwise noted). Parameters / Test. 2N datasheet, 2N pdf, 2N data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Microsemi, N-Channel.

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I SEM anomalies if applicable. El Acrobat Reader Jr.

ASTM B see 5. The matte-tin plating shall contain no more than 0 05 percent by weight codeposiled organic material measured as elemental carbon Minimum lead content shall be 3 percent. Parts procured to a Military Specification with a QML listing qualified parts that have a statement that prohibits the use of pure tin and defines the finish as part of the part number in the Military Specification.

Thickness shall be 2 54 pm to micromches 7. H – Solder plated microinch minimum. Commonly used sizes ore in stock for immediate shipment. If electrical failures exceeding 1 percent of the lot are detected after the second retinning operation, the lot shall not be supplied to this specification c.

2ninfo: Semiconductors, Stock Items

The Ferrite is not coated. S3j Aao Jtfaotj gNovifc-1 Preparing activity: E, f, c, or M with hot solder dip 9 Types A, 6, Z, 0. Items do not have a finish. Die Shear in accordance with paragraph i 4. The use of pure tin plating is not prohibited in the drawing and the package finish is not specified.

Use of tin- lead Sn-Pb finishes are acceptable provided that the minimum lead content is 3 percent. Thesr components are available in square configura- tions with outside dimensions of approximately.


The thickness of the gold plating shall be to microinches. The device type Tkwber shall be es specified in the associated detail spec l f Ication or SO the numbers Shall consist o’ two digits atsiprwd saquant ially, froa 01 to W within each associatad detail specification or SMC. Flux shall be of such a quality as to enable the resistors to meet all the requirements of this specification.

The average thickness of all points measured shall be 7. The composition is identified by a two-letter symbol s and a number.

Lead is supplied with no external finish. Materials and Manufacture 4. Government see St, S2, and S3.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. This power rating is dependent on the ability of resistors to meet the life requirements specified in 3. The lead finish and restrictions on the case material are defined in the following paragraphs of the SCD: The type at lamllt: If the PIN is not available with the A Lead finish, the same UN will be acquired except with the I or c l sad finish dssipteto’ si dttgrefned by availability.

The data sheet does not specify the material finish of the package or the leads. The part leads can be identified as gold from the DPA color photographs.

2N7269 Datasheet

Parts that define the lead finish as other than pure tin in the procurement specification, but allow the use of a pure tin finish as part of the process.

Use of tin-lead Sn-Pb finishes are acceptable provided that the minimum lead content is 3 percent. Thickness shall be 50 1. Steve Jackson Program Manager i Date. The lead finish is defined in the Standard Military 2nn7269 as the last letter of the part number. Lettera R, D, R, or R. Where space is critical, the low profile CLP component should be considered, but at the expense of some reduction in electrical Q. They are available in widths from 0. Parts that define the plating finish in their procurement specification, but do not specifically prohibit the use of a pure tin finish.


Told working screws max mn he capable of meeting permcahilitv and strength requirements simultaneously.

2N Datasheet catalog

Zinm cadmium or pure tin shall not be used as a finish material. The atrande shall have a ooating thickness of not less than 40 micro- inches of silver when tested in accordance with ASTM B Any parts failing lot not exceeding PDA for datashete A, subgroup 1see 4. All copper or copper clad leads that are to be plated with gold or silver must first be coated with a barrier layer to prevent diffusion of the copper through the final lead finish d 27269 leads and silver cladding datsheet contain a minimum of Lab Par wsc Typa: The nickel plating shall be nonbrightened and low stress.

The number indicates the nominal percentage, by weight, of the component element s see 3. The following DPA report,identifies the package as gold plated.

The case for these capacitors is multi- layer, unencapsulated, monolithic.